Related Links

Medline Plus, Information on alcoholism.  This website has a lot of information on alcohol and alcohol abuse.

National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: This is a very informative scholarly website.  It has very technical information on alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Alcoholism Facts: This has a web MD who has written everything and shows more of the medical perspective of alcoholism.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving: This website was started by a mother who had a tragedy in their family due to drinking and driving.  Go here if you want to learn more about the facts and helping drinking and driving.

Substance Abuse Facility Locator: Perfect website for anyone who is looking for a substance abuse/alcohol clinic.  This is where you can send your loved one to get the help they need.  This website will help you locate the right rehab center for you.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: This website is full of information about fetal alcohol syndrome.  If you ever plan on getting pregnant or starting a family and drink alcohol, please take a look at this website.

Cirque Lodge in Sundance Utah: A recovery center located in the beautiful mountains of Utah.  This place was actually started by one of my old neighbors, they started it for their son who was struggling with drugs/alcohol.

College Binge Drinking Issues: Go to this website to get more information on college binge drinking issues.  It has become a big problem and knowing more about this issue can help college students.

Salt Lake Alcoholics Anonymous: Located in Salt Lake, this will help with alcohol addictions.  Go to this website to get more information.

Your Weight and Alcohol: Gaining unwanted pounds from drinking? always wondered if you gain weight from alcohol? Go check out this website and your questions will be answered.


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